You can find us at

R. José Estêvão 4,
1150-192 Lisboa, Portugal

Opening hours

Tuesday: 12h - 20h
Wednesday: 12h - 20h
Thursday: 12h - 20h
Friday: 12h - 22h30
Saturday: 12h - 17h
Sunday: 12h - 17h

We created this this community-run grocery store as a way to offer access to healthy, sustainable, ecological and ethical products at reasonable prices for the consumer, and fair prices for the producers.

Mini-Rizoma belongs to all of its members and you will find each and every one of them working their part! Whether it is at the cash register, cleaning the store, or serving coffee, everybody works for everybody else in a space that belongs to all.

Why mini?

Mini-Rizoma is the pilot-project of an eventual bigger store. We currently are kindly incubated by Associação Renovar a Mouraria, in order to experiment and learn before investing in a space of our own.

Don't you worry, our store is already full of delightful products even though we are still in an experimental phase. With your help, we hope to grow - more products, more people, more activities and a bigger impact on our community - step by step.